macMineable: Promotion Service now is enable for business

2 min readOct 31, 2021

-- JJ Ying


We appreciate you are interesting of macMineable promotion service.
You can now promote your product or service in our app with specified banner.

Real case example for ``

Technical details

In this banner will shows an image for promotion, when user clicked, will open the URL was provided. We will set a `from=macMineable` flag for the opened URL, which means is visit from macMineable, it’s good for user analyze.
e.g. ``


  • An image size 400x50, jpg or png.
  • A target URL.


The promoted content is should be related to cryptocurrency, illegal content will NEVER ALLOWED.

Payment Terms

Monthly payment.


It will be better if you tell me your budget range and periods in Email.

Why this?

Since we decided this app will always free to use, but we still spent many times to maintain with it. We are sorry to add ads/promotion, but we need funding to continue maintaining this app.
Hope you can understand.


When will my promotion take effect?

It usually takes several minutes. Because macMineable is not a frequency open/quit app, so in user-side, it should be take effect when user next open macMineable.

Do macMineable will keep lite?

Sure, you can check the app size, it’s still only 20MB around for now.

Will the promotion/ads sell my data?

100% NOT! Promotion is NOT a service like other ads service. You can check back the Technical details and Materials for the promotion behavior, in short it is not rely on any 3-rd party service.




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