How I earn money from cryptocurrency volatility

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Do you want to earn money from cryptocurrency volatility?
You are arrived here!

As you know, the cryptocurrency prices always unstable.

Ethereum prices in this month

So, why we don’t take advantage of volatility to earn money?

In this article, we gonna share our way that you can earn money from volatility.

Grid trading

You may heard about “grid trading bot” before, yes, most of these bot includes a lot of grid trading strategies.

But all the strategies may have the same concept: “buy low, sell high”.

So, based on the concept, you can create the buy/sell order base your feeling or the price trending right now.

For example, I am feeling the Eth price will go down to $3,945 tonight, so I create a buy order in price $3,945. And I am feeling the price will go up to $4,067 in couple days future, so I create a sell order in $4,067. If the amount is 1, in result profit may around $100(fee reduced).

The example sounds nice, all we need to do is just buy/sell then earn money. But, the truth may be similar to this chart flow: We earn money on green line volatility, but we miss the opperturnity on yellow line.

If you create buy/sell orders buy hand, I will promise you will feel heavy to do this, especially you have a lot of symbols(bitcoin, ethereum, DOGE, SOL, etc.).

So, that’s the grid trading bot does, the bots will catch all opperturnities of volatility to earn money, all you need to do is “tell” the bot your strategy!

The grid trading solutions

1. Actions Grid CCT

Recently we develop a server-side app for grid trading. In couple weeks, we actually earn money from volatility with this app. Now we think it is time to share with you.

Easy to fill up your strategies:

Your all strategies in just single JSON file

Benefits to other bots:

  • We don’t take fees, but just become a sponsor for $5/month.
  • We don’t need you to charge, your assets will still in exchange for safe.
  • All sponsors will be our BOSS, you can request features to us and our feature will report to you.

Our features(current):

  • OKEx supported
  • 7/24H auto buy low and sell high
  • Multi-symbol strategies
  • Dynamic tweak grid buy/sell price
  • Telegram notification
  • Full tutorial to dig in

Our goals:

We are planning support more exchanges, create a webpage dashboard to manage your strategies, now Binance is planned. Your support is mean a lot to us, and will make our goals release more faster!

Read out solution for more details and you will dig in:

2. Pionex Trading Bot

The another famous solution is use the trading bot: Pionex | Exchange with In-built Crypto Trading Bot

Pionex has 16 automated trading tools, I am sure that you will find at leaset one.


If you have a lot of good ideas, and want those come true, please try out solution and become a sponsor, we are sure your good ideas will come ture with our solution. Because all sponsors is our BOSS!


If you want to have a lot of features of strategy, try Pionex | Exchange with In-built Crypto Trading Bot .

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